Oxford Linear Fisheries

Oxford Linear Fisheries is widely considered as the best day ticket carp venue in the UK and it is very clear to see why this statement is made time and time again.

Oxford Linear Fisheries provides excellent fishing for any type of angler with a huge following from carp anglers. 

fishing near me Oxford Linear Carp

Oxford Linear Day ticket lakes

St Johns

Oxford Linear St Johns lake is one of the most famous day ticket carp lakes in the UK. St Johns is an 18-acre gravel pit with the majority of the carp over 20lb and at least 40 carp over the 30lb mark. Recently, there have been several carp caught over 47lb with the record set at a monster 48lb common carp and 48lb 12oz mirror carp.

Carp are not the only specimen species in St Johns, tench are also caught at impressive weights with fish over 12lb and also bream over 15lb. There have been several big catfish caught to over 90lb and also pike to 28lb.

St Johns is a true specimen water and can easily be classed in the category is best day ticket water in the UK.

Oxlease Lake

Oxlease is a 26-acre water stocking around 1600 carp, with the lake record set by a 52lb common carp.

It is believed that Oxlease lake has 60 carp over 30lb with many more fish over 20lb and upwards. There are also at least 2 carp over 40lb highlighting Oxlease as a real specimen carp water.

Oxlease holds some big tench to 12lb, pike to 24lb and perch to 4lb.

Manor Farm Lake

Manor Farm Lake is one of Oxford Linears original carp waters and the best for big fish.

The lake is 14 acres in size and sits next to St Johns lake. The lake holds around 700 carp with at least 40 over 30lb and five different fish over 40lb with the lake record currently held by a 48lb 13oz mirror carp.

Tench are also very big having been landed up to 12lb and pike to over 27lb.

Manor Farm Lake is only stocked with fast-growing fish, hence the reason why all species in this lake are as big as they are!

Other lakes available at Oxford Linear are Hunts Corner Pond, Hunts Corner Lake, Hardwick Lake and Smiths Pool, Brasenose One and lastly Brasenose Two


Be sure to check out the Oxford Linear website, details below, as there are regular lakes closures and bookings.


Day fishing

1 rod - £7.50

2 rods - £16.50

3 rods - £19.50

24 hours

1 rod - £11.50

2 rods - £24

3 rods - £30

fishing near me Oxford Linear Lake


Oxford Linear Fisheries has a set of simple to follow rules to ensure everyone including the fish remain safe at all times.

  • Cars are to be parked in the car parks provided. Unloading of equipment is allowed in authorised sections with clear signage to indicate this.
  • No swims are to be reserved
  • Barbed or barbless hooks can be used
  • Rods must be attended at all times with up to three rods per anglers allowed complete with the correct licence
  • Fish are not to be retained for long periods with no carp sacks allowed. Only flotation slings are permitted for this purpose
  • All anglers must use an unhooking mat
  • No bait boats
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times 
  • No bait restrictions but all particles must be well-soaked and used in moderation 
  • Rigs must be safe with no fixed leads, rigs will be checked
  • Spombs are not allowed unless used in conjunction with a float to ensure lost spombs do not sink to the bottom causing snags.
  • Spodding maggots are not allowed
  • No dead baiting for pike and catfish between 31st March and 1st October
  • No fish are to be taken from/to the venue or transferred to other waters/lakes
  • Pike fishing is only permitted between 31st March and 1st October
  • No wading unless safe to do soaked
  • Please keep all noise and light down to a minimum
  • BBQ's are permitted but need to be raised off the ground to avoid burning the grass
  • All litter to be taken away

Images were taken from http://www.linear-fisheries.co.uk/

We are continually adding details about the fishery, be sure to check be often.

Fishing available

  • Carp
  • Tench
  • Bream
  • Catfish
  • Pike
  • Perch
  • Roach

Contact Information

Oxford Linear Fisheries


Oxford, Oxfordshire

OX29 7QF

07885 327708

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