Redmire Pool Fishery

The historic Redmire Pool, located in Herefordshire, is a small pond, less than 3 acres in size that has always captured the hearts of Carp Anglers worldwide.

In 1934 the owners of the estate instructed a fish supplier by the name of Donald Leney to stock the pond with 50 small Carp in an attempt to clear the dense weed beds.

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These fish since known as 'Leneys' along with the Redmire stockings have produced most of the known big Carp in England today caught by the likes of Dick Walker and Chris Yates.

Currently, Redmire Pool is up for sale with estate agents Strutt and Parker for a cool £3.25 million!

Redmire pool has produced three British record carp, the biggest a 51lb 8oz beast caught by Chris Yates in the 1980s.

Recently, Redmire pool has been bought back to its best by Mark Walsingham who is unsure how the new owners will run the fishery. Fishing could be stopped altogether, which would be a real shame so let's hope this doesn't happen!

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