Naseby Reservoir

Naseby reservoir is a well-populated venue with an average size carp around 18lb. The biggest carp patrolling the reservoir is around 35lb. 

The Naseby reservoir was initially constructed to supply water to the Grand Union Canal. 

Naseby reservoir also offers superb roach fishing with anglers landing 40lb of silver-fish regularly.

carp fishing near me - Naseby reservoir

The pike in Naseby reservoir also attracts many anglers with fish to over 20lb caught in the winter season.

Night Fishing is available but must be pre-booked using the contact details below.



Day fishing 1 rod - £6, 2 rods - £10

Season tickets offer fishing Monday to Thursday at a cost of £200

Seven-day season tickets are available for £300

carp fishing near me - Naseby reservoir



  • All specimen fish must be returned immediately, no keep sacks
  • No surface fishing 
  • No large bivvies 
  • No fixed leads, all leads must be free running
  • No braided mainline 
  • Rods must be attended at all times
  • Noise level should be kept to a minimum 
  • All anglers must have an unhooking mat
  • Particles must be correctly prepared 
  • All litter to be taken away
  • Do not disturb the wildlife or damage the bank-side
  • Dogs are allowed and must be kept on a lead at all times
  • No fires
  • No abuse towards the bailiffs 

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We are continually adding details about the fishery, be sure to check be often.

Fishing available

  • Carp
  • Pike
  • Catfish

Contact Information

Naseby Reservoir

Carvells Lane

Naseby, Northamptonshire


07904 493417
See website for prices