How to Make Korda Goo (Updated)

10 Feb 21


Many bait companies, such as Korda, offer various types of carp fishing glugs or goo.

These products are very effective, but can you make your own homemade version that will catch you carp?

Well, in this tutorial we are going to show you how to produce your own homemade pineapple flavour carp fishing goo glug. It is a simple process and one you must try out! You will get some serious satisfaction catching carp using a bait you produced at home. So let's get started!

What you will need

Step 1

Measure out the 400ml of water in the measuring jug 




water in measuring jug


Step 2

Measure out 250g / 1 cup of sugar



cup of sugar


Step 3

Drain the syrup from the pineapple tin and set to one side. Ideally, the more concentrated the syrup the better. This tinned stuff was easy to pick up in the supermarket but if I was to make this again, I would get a stronger, more concentrated flavour. 




Step 4

Add the water, sugar and pineapple syrup to the saucepan






Step 5

Melt the sugar over medium heat until the liquid is clear



saucepan on medium heat


Step 6

In the measuring jug, mix the cornflour and a small amount of water. Do not add the cornflour directly to the hot liquid as it will cook and become stoggy



cornflour in jug 


Step 7

Add a few drops of yellow food colouring along with the cornflour mix to the saucepan and simmer for 5 minutes




simmer saucepan


Step 8

Pour the mix into the measuring jug and allow to cool. When the liquid cools it will become thick and goo like



goo in jug


Step 9

Once cooled add the goo to the reusable bottle



homemade carp goo glug


There you have it, a very cheap and simple homemade carp fishing goo glug. The concentrated pineapply syrup provides a lovely strong smell that the carp will love. As I mentioned, the more highly concentrated syrup, the better results.

Simply coat your rig in the glug goo before casting.

Note - if you plan to use PVA bags, add some salt when adding the sugar to the saucepan to ensure the PVA will not melt.



carp rig with glug




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7 comment(s)

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    20 Mar 19

    Hi,How much cornflour would you use,Thank's.

    • Sample Image


      02 May 19

      Hi Andy, I would only use a tablespoon initially which should be enough to thicken the mixture. You can always add more if you want to thicken the mix further. Hope this helps?

  • Sample Image


    15 Aug 19

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  • Sample Image

    Stacy Allcock

    25 Jun 20

    Hi, How much salt is needed for PVA friendly? Thanks

  • Sample Image

    Wayne Vyse

    30 Aug 20

    How much salt would you add?

  • Sample Image

    Peter Pinches

    23 Dec 20

    Hi I’ve tried to make to make this more goo like it’s not thick enough what’s best to do start again or can I add more corn flower/flour and I need to make it a bit sticker

  • Sample Image


    11 Feb 21

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