5 Best Budget Big Pit Reels (Updated)

29 Dec 21


A big pit carp reel is essential when fishing at long range and to target big carp and the best carp reels allow you to do this with ease. It is vital you purchase the best big pit carp reel for your money and so we have compiled our top recommendations.

Our best carp reels include some incredible 5-star big pit reels and show you do not need to spend a small fortune to get a big pit reel that is full of features and performs well above the price range.

Bit pit reels offer huge casting capabilities and so if you are fishing a particularly big lake, a big pit reel is a must. If you are targeting big carp or are planning a French fishing holiday, I would highly recommend a set of big pit reels as these venues are often huge and require the power and grunt a big pit reel offers to land the big fish. Big carp are very powerful and so you need to make sure you are fully equipped to handle one by using the best carp reels on the market for your price range.

best carp reels big pit

Big pit reels have a huge retrieval ratio and reel in much more line per turn of the handle compared to a normal carp reel. These type of carp reels also hold significantly more line due to their increased spool size and is something to bear in mind when purchasing carp fishing line.

Many big pit carp reels have a front drag system that can switch from free spool to drag quickly, which is perfect when a carp takes your bait.

A set of three big pit reels on your rod pod also look the business with some very aesthetically pleasing designs, and as we know, this is a big selling point for the more vein anglers amongst us. You know who you are!

Big pit carp reels are ever-increasing in popularity with specimen carp anglers; feature-laden best carp reels that can handle carp of all sizes and provide you with additional power and casting abilities.

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Features of the Best Big Pit Carp Fishing Reels

When recommending the best carp reels we have taken into account the following features and points which we believe are key to ensuring you get the best carp reels for your needs.

  • Gear ratio - The best big pit reels have a much larger ratio allowing for greater line retrieval per turn of the handle, and more crank power when playing a carp or specimen fish.
  • Size of spool - Big pit carp reels are usually available in 10,000 or 12,000 size spools although smaller sizes are also available. These spools have a much larger capacity than a standard carp reel to cater for the additional power and ability a big pit reel offers.
  • Casting distance possibility - Big pit carp reels, due to their large spool sizes and wider gear ratios, are able to cast much greater distances allowing you as the angler to fish at much larger venues.
  • Weight
  • Aesthetics
  • Price - often carp anglers will be purchasing 2, 3 or even more big pit reels and so this can add up quickly, especially when you buy carp fishing line.
  • Reliability & longevity - big pit carp reels are very robust and should last for many years ensuring you are getting the most out of your purchase.

Let's get started so you can choose your next big pit carp reel and ensure you get the best carp reels on the market

Wychwood Riot Big Pit Carp Reel

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Wychwood Riot Best Budget Big Pit Carp Reel

The Wychwood Riot bit pit reel is widely considered one the best carp reels and it is easy to see why. Wychwood has had massive success from these feature-packed bit pit reels including huge crank power from the high-quality oversized components. The big pit reel is also very smooth from the 5 ball bearing system and has great line retrieval.

The reel has a modern look from the main body of the reel and also a more old school wooden handle which looks great.

The Wychwood Riot also has an anti-tangle design to ensure your fishing line is kept in top condition when operating whether that be casting or playing fish.

A superbly designed product that is a market leader and it is clear to see why. You must consider these when purchasing a big pit reel and will always be in the group of best carp reels.


  • Huge crank power from 5 bearing drive and oversized shaft
  • Micro pitch drag
  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Large line roller for anti-tangle
  • Aluminium machined handle arm with a wooden knob for a premium look and feel
  • Spare spool
  • Incredible value for money
  • Market leader

Amazon Customer Review:

Very good reels and great value. Seem to be well made and have a nice weighty feel in the hands without being too heavy. Silky smooth retrieval and nice drag setting. Spare spool is a bonus. Would recommend
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Daiwa Black Widow Bit Pit Carp Reel

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Runner up
Daiwa Black Widow Bit Pit Carp Reel

The hugely successful Black Widow range had to have a big pit carp reel and this reel deserve to be apart of the Black Widow series and in the mix of best carp reels.

Perfectly accompanied by the Black Widow rods series which we also rate highly, this big pit reel is packed with features and the expected power and grunt of a high-quality bit pit reel. Finished in black, as you would expect based on the name, these big pit reels look superb on the bank.

The Daiwa black widow big pit has an incredible line retrieval system and can reel in just under a metre of line with a single turn of the handle.

The spool with this big pit reel is constructed of aluminium and is designed with long casting in mind, exactly what you want from this type of fishing reel. The spool itself can hold a mind-blowing 500+ metres of fishing line to cater for any size lake and especially good for the large lakes across Europe making these reels a great option for a French fishing holiday.

The main body of the reel and rotators are made from graphite, providing excellent strength, longevity and keeping the overall weight to a minimum meaning these reels should last you many years.

A great value for money big pit reel and fully deserving to carry the Daiwa Black Widow name. Without a doubt one of the best carp reels on the market and another top product from Daiwa.


  • Graphite body and rotators for a very pleasing aesthetic look
  • Aluminium long cast spool
  • Lightweight
  • High retrieval power
  • Daiwa Infinite anti-reverse feature
  • Soft-touch handle
  • Longlife bail spring
  • Huge line capacity

Angling Direct Customer Review:

One of the best angling purchases I've ever made!

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Nash BP-6 Big Pit Carp Reel

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Nash BP-4 Big Pit Carp Reel

The Nash BP-6 (baby pit) is a brilliantly balanced miniature big pit reel that offers all the benefits of a standard size big pit reel. Nash recommended this big pit reel is paired with a lighter test curve rod, something like the Nash Scope is the perfect match up.

The big pit reel is finished in a high-quality matte black and looks fantastic on the bank. You could easily mistake this big pit reel for a product of twice or even three times the cost.

The Nash BP-6 big pit reel can be used to target carp, tench or bream making this a very versatile reel that handles everything you throw at it.

The reel offers awesome crank power from the 4.9:1 gear ratio and is finished with a CNC machined ergonomic handle with an isotope slot.

Incredible value for money, packed full of useful features and looks at home next to any high-end premium big pit reel. One of the best carp reels in miniature? We think so.


  • Big pit performance in miniature form
  • Perfect for lighter test curve carp rods
  • Fast drag
  • Hugely versatile for all types of fishing including specimen, feeder and drop-shotting
  • Stainless steel ball bearings
  • Micro pitch drag
  • Oversized line roller for anti-tangle
  • Spare aluminium spool
  • Stunning matte black finish

Angling Direct Customer Review:

Good quality reels, already had two so bought some more as they are great value for the price. Excellent
. Check Price on Amazon

TF Gear Max Power Big Pit Carp Reel

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Runner up
TF Gear Max Power Big Pit Carp Reel

The TF Gear Max power big pit carp rig has been designed to improve your casting distance and allow you to fish at any distance you desire. The reel is comprised over heavy-duty gears, with a gear ratio of 4.1:1, and very quick retrieval making this a great candidate for a spodding reel as well as a specimen carp big pit. The spool can take 450 yards of line to cater for any lake you are fishing.

Rated as one of the best valued big pit reels on the market in this price range, a real gem of a fishing reel and one of the best carp reels for you long casters.


  • High-quality ball bearings for hard-wearing performance
  • Long cast spool design
  • Fast retrieve to make spodding so easy
  • A smooth and reliable drag system
  • One of the best rated big pit carp reels in this price range

Amazon Customer Review:

Brilliant reels. They have a good line lay and also cast like a dream. For the budget angler and someone just starting out these are perfect. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking at big pit reels on a budget.
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Leeda Rogue Bit Pit Carp Reel

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Leeda Rogue Bit Pit Carp Reel

The Leeda Rogue bit pit carp reel is perfect for any angler to target big carp. Not a huge name in the carp fishing equipment market, but don't overlook this top big pit reel for a stupidly low price.

The internal components are designed for very smooth retrieval with a 5+1 stainless steel ball-bearing configuration. This combined with a front free spool system and slow oscillation gear for improved line lay. The Leeda Rogue bit pit is constructed with graphite compound for superb strength paired with a die-cast aluminium handle for crank power.

The gear ratio is 4.1:1 with a line capacity of 0.5mm/185m to cover the majority of all carp lakes you are likely to fish. If you are fishing a particularly large lake, the Leeda Rogue may be the wrong choice so do work out the distances you are going to be fishing. The Daiwa Black Widow or TF Gear Max Power is better suited for very large lakes.

The Leed Rogue big pit carp reel is good value for money considering the components and overall aesthetic. The build quality is not quite the same as the other reels we have recommended but for the price point, you cannot go wrong. Not the best carp reel available, but for the price and features, it had to be listed.

Also, check out the Leeda Carp Rod Pod which is absolutely superb and a product we highly recommend.


  • 5+1 Stainless steel ball bearings
  • Front drag system
  • Slow oscillation
  • Graphite compound
  • Die-cast aluminium handle

Amazon Customer Review:

Great reel at the price and does exactly what I want.
. Check Price on Amazon



We have highlighted some of the best carp reels for not a lot of money. This shows you do not need to break the bank to get some top quality products and in fact, get some of the best carp reels for any budget.

If you have any recommendation for big pit carp reels, what you consider the best carp reels or have any feedback, leave us a comment.

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