The Best Carp Fishing Rods 2019

21 Aug 19



A carp fishing rod is a pivotal piece of carp fishing equipment and is one of the main elements used when catching carp, so you need to make sure you get this right and use the best carp fishing rod whatever your budget. 

We have put together our recommendations of the best carp fishing rods from budget to the more expensive premium ranges. Regardless of your budget, you can buy a carp fishing rod that suits your needs and offers fantastic performance to assist your carp fishing and ensure you land that big carp you are chasing. 

Key Features of a carp fishing rod

When recommending a carp fishing rod we have taken into account the following features and points which we believe are key to ensuring you get the best carp fishing rod for your needs.

  • Test curve and action 
  • Playing the fish
  • Price 
  • Suitability for your fishing 
  • Casting distance and accuracy 
  • Overall build quality 

Let's get started so you can choose your next carp bivvy.

Daiwa Black Widow G50 Carp Fishing Rod


Our Pick
Daiwa Black Widow Carp Fishing Rod

The Daiwa Black Widow carp fishing rod range offers a great all-rounder, that provides power and distance when casting and also a delicate touch when playing fish.

The rod action allows for any anglers to cast good distances with accuracy, a key when carp fishing. The Daiwa Black Widow rod has a soft touch when playing fish to ensure you land the carp. 

Aesthetically, the Daiwa Black Widow rod looks superb and would not be out of place next to a rod of twice the cost. A perfect beginner carp fishing rod and for the carp anglers on a budget.

You cannot go wrong with the excellent Daiwa Black Widow carp fishing rod.


  • Lightweight Carbon blanks
  • Aesthetically very pleasing
  • DPS reel seat design 
  • Stainless steel frame guides
  • 50mm butt guides
  • Superb action for distance casting and accuracy
  • Soft-touch under the rod tip
  • Perfect for the beginner carp angler
  • Unbeatable value for money 

Amazon Customer Review:

Excellent rod. If you're after a strong sturdy rod for carp fishing this is the one. With a great value, great brand you can't go wrong.
. Check Price on Amazon

TF Gear Banshee Carp Fishing Rod


Runner Up
TF Gear Banshee Carp Fishing Rod

The TF Gear Banshee was designed to catch carp from any venue and be a true all-rounder for any carp angler. The 10 ft carp rod is more compact than the usual 12 ft and offers better manoeuvrability, increased casting distance and more control when playing a fish.

The blank is made from carbon fibre providing good strength and action allowing for this rod to be one of the most versatile on the market and great value for money from a well-known brand.


  • Long-distance casting 
  • Shorter rod at 10 ft 
  • Easy fish control when playing 
  • Carbon fibre blank construction 
  • Premium grade components
  • Truly adaptable for multiple fishing types

Amazon Customer Review:

I already have the 3lb version and decided to try these out, you just can't beat them for the price. Great action, and for those tackle tarts out there, they look like they cost £100

. Check Price on Amazon

Shimano Tribal XS1 Carp Fishing Rod


Shimano Tribal XS1 Carp Fishing Rod

The Shimano Tribal XS1 carp fishing rod range contains one of the highest contents and quality of carbon fibre available on the market today. This structure provides a super-strong carp fishing rod that is perfect for targeting big carp or hard-fighting fish. The action of the Shimano Tribal XS1 can handle anything you throw at it making it a true specimen carp fishing rod.

The Shimano Tribal XS1 rod has been designed in conjunction with the worlds best long-distance casters meaning this rod can cast your carp rig serious distance with ease and accuracy. Playing fish is also a great experience with the rod offering a soft tip whether playing fish at range or under the rod tip.

The Shimano Tribal XS1 carp fishing rod is a true all-rounder that can cover any venue and size of carp. A truly high-quality piece of carp fishing equipment that does come at a price but it performs as you would expect at this level.

Amazon Customer Review:

I bought the Shimano Tribal XS1 12FT 2.75lb test curve carp rod and it is brilliant. Casts very well but it is definitely a player's rod. No problem with hook pulls as it's forgiving enough under the tip but has plenty of power from the middle and lower part of the rod. I would be happy to play any Carp with this superb rod. Shimano quality as always.
. Check Price on Amazon

Sonik Vader X Carp Fishing Rod


Sonik Vadar X Carp Fishing Rod

The Sonik Vadar X Carp Fishing Rod is a lightweight, slim design with a progressive casting action to allow for distance casting with ease and accuracy. Finished in matt black to provide a wonderful aesthetic look giving these carp rods a premium look. The Sonik Vadar rod offers a light soft tip when playing fish and are suited for a variety of different size venues and carp.


  • Lightweight carbon fibre blank
  • 40mm butt guides
  • Slim Japanese shrink wrap butt grip
  • Black anodised butt cap laser etched with 'S' logo

Amazon Customer Review:

Love my Sonik Vader x rods and reels brilliant performance
. Check Price on Amazon


There are a number of superb carp fishing rods on the market regardless of your budget. The Daiwa Black Widow carp fishing rods our the best pick for us, they offer incredible value for money without compromising the on the functionality. If you are after a premium rod and can stretch the budget, the Shimano Tribal XS1 rods are superb and really are top quality. The other carp fishing rods, the TG Banshee and the Sonik Vadar and still fantastic for their price range and feature list.

Whichever of these rods you choose, they will make you very happy on your next session and hopefully assist you in catching more carp! 

It's your turn!

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