Bass Fishing For Beginners

29 Dec 21


Fishing for bass is hugely exciting and a passion for many anglers across North America and the world alike and, like every angler, you want to catch more bass.

The top tips in this bass fishing for beginners article, you will increase your catch rate

Sound good? Let's get started.

Locate the bass 

Our first bass fishing for beginners tip is vital and must be used to be successful. Like any predatory fish, with bass being no different, you must locate them before anything else.

Once you find one bass I can guarantee there will be more close by.

bass fishing for beginners

Bass like to hideout behind any type of cover or protection. This could be almost anything from docks, bridges and lily pads to marginal shelves or rock channels.

Bass are ambush predators and by positioning in these types of cover they are in the perfect spot to launch an attack on a shad or minnow, depending on the time of the year (we will get to this later on in the article). 

Which lure for bass?

Once you have found a good cover spot where you think bass are located you need to think about which lure to fish with. Bass will eat almost anything and so any lure will catch you fish, however, I would strongly advise matching your lure to the natural food present in the water.

In the summer, shad are abundant and so a silver lure is ideal, at the start of the year crawfish are the food of choice and so pinkish lures will work well. 

By matching your lure to the natural food at that time of year you are ensuring your bait blends in with the environment and does not spook the bass, this, in my opinion, increases your chances of getting a bite. This is a very simple bass fishing for beginners tip that must be tried.

It is always a good idea to carry a range of lures to cover as many different scenarios as possible. Have some of the following in your tackle bag:

Crankbait is a round hard bodied lure that is designed to imitate the movement of the baitfish the bass hunt. The front of the lure or lip allows the lure to be fished a different depths based on the speed of retrieval and also allows the lure to move from side to side.

Spinnerbait is a very odd looking lure that consists of a bent piece of wire complete with a jig head on one end and a blade on the other. The lure is constructed in a manner to allow it to spin and move freely.

Chatterbait is a jig style lure complete with a blade that is designed to mimic bait to attract bass. The blade of this style of lure is designed to add sound and vibration for added attraction in the water. A great lure to use in murky water as the bass are attracted to the sound given off by the blade.

bass fishing tips to catch more bass

Be persistent

One bass fishing for beginners tip is to always remember is to keep re-casting frequently over the same spot. You could re-cast over 100 times before you get a bite. Persistency is key here, just keep working the lure and you will eventually be successful. Many anglers will get frustrated and move on.

Watch the Weather

The weather plays a huge part in bass fishing and could be the key to a successful trip or a day to forget.

Check the forecast before your next trip and keep an eye on the air pressure. When the air pressure is low this indicates unsettled weather where the bass is most active. You can also look at the cloud cover, the greater the cloud cover the better the bass fishing.

These conditions might not suit you as the angler but will give you an increased chance of landing several bass.

On hot sunny days where the air pressure is high, the bass are much less active and it can be much more difficult to get a bite. If you are fishing in sunny weather, the bass tends to hold up under cover.

The best technique in this scenario would be to tease a lure around areas of cover to try and tempt a bass into striking.

The water temperature can also play a part in bass fishing. This obviously is related to the weather but in general, use slower moving baits in colder water and faster moving in warmer water.

Fish into the wind

bass fishing for beginners tips

Fishing into the wind is a bass fishing for beginners tip that is often overlooked by many anglers. It is not the most pleasant experience but can often produce a bite.

I believe these conditions churn up any particles and debris that attract the bass. By fishing into the wind, you can pick off any bass that has been attracted by the disturbance made. The wind can also mask any noise made by your boat which is a bonus. 

Trick the bass

Try fishing with a damaged or worn lures which mimic a distressed or injured fish that the bass will instinctively attack. I find red is perfect for this scenario to further enhance this illusion of an injured fish. 

This is my best bass fishing for beginners tip and one I will always use with must success over the years.

Fish the shallows

During bass spawning season (spring and fall) you should fish in the shallow water where the bass will most likely be located, protecting their eggs. Look for sheltered areas which are the best protected from the conditions.

The bass is overly aggressive during these times, perfect to get a bite.

Best time for bass fishing for beginners?

Feeding time for bass is at dawn and dusk especially for larger bass during the summer. During the winter, feeding slows down their metabolism and they only feed during the warmer parts of the day. 


We hope you enjoyed our bass fishing for beginners tips and you will use them to catch more bass on your next trip. Let us know by leaving a comment.

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