Mainline Carp Baits Explained

12 Sep 18


Mainline baits are synonymous with producing quality carp boilies that have caught many carp over the years.

In this article, we are going to run through some of Mainline's most prolific and popular boilies.

Why Mainline?

Mainline baits

Mainline Baits are an Essex based company specialising in carp fishing baits of the highest quality. They are continually producing high-quality baits with the best ingredients as well as developing new products. Their entire boilie range is focused around what they call 'activators' and according to Mainline's founder, Kev Knight, contain water-activated flavours that the carp senses react to.

Mainline Baits has 3 to 4 products on test at any given time with many prototypes never seeing the public eye, who would love to get their hands on those baits! I would still imagine these baits would perform to a good standard, just not to the high standard of Mainline.

To no surprise, finding out the ingredients that make up any Mainline boilies is very difficult but you can be rest assured the ingredients used are of the highest quality not only to attract fish but to also aid in the digestion so the carp can be at optimum levels of health ready to be caught another day, hopefully, a few pounds heavier!

The vast majority of their boilies are only available in the frozen form, the reason behind this is the process of freezing preserves these active ingredients and in turn, holds the best flavours possible. Shelf life boilies cannot hold these active ingredients and as Kev Knight mentioned, if any bait is available in both frozen and shelf life it probably does not contain these activators. 

Good quality baits and boilies are highly digestible and contain the most attractive flavours that carp love.

The company is always developing new baits and ingredients whilst continuing to set new standards for carp bait.

Mainline Cell

Sizes - available in 10mm, 15mm & 18mm

Bags - available in 1kg, 5kg & 10kg 

Mainline's Cell boilies are the most sold bait on the market, which in itself is a massive achievement, compliment this with its carp catch ability making it one of the best carp baits on the market today. The Cell was released around 10 years ago and is the number one choice for many anglers across the UK.

The Cell is not a fishmeal, bird feed or milk protein and is in fact produced with a new form of protein Mainline Baits has developed, which I think has a coconut like aroma. Like all Mainline boilies, the Cell is very easy for the carp to digest with its top quality ingredients and in turn, allows the fish to keep feeding more often. The Cell is so popular Mainline produce the bait on a continuous run. As soon as the field testers got their hands on the Cell they knew it would catch fish and that it would become a very successful bait. Following on from The Cell is a bait called Essential Cell.

Mainline Essential Cell

Sizes - available in 10mm, 15mm & 18mm

Bags - available in 1kg, 5kg & 10kg 

Mainline Essential Cell is, as the name suggests, a bait proceeding the original Cell. The bait is very similar to the Cell with more fruity tones and consisting of a light yellow shade. Essential Cell is another highly digestible bait that contains Mainline's famous activators and again does not contain a standard fishmeal or bird food base. The bait is sure to be very successful and will continue to build upon the hype that is Mainline Baits and rightly so in my opinion.

Mainline Boilies The Link

Mainline The Link

Sizes - Available in 10mm, 15mm & 18mm

Bags - available in 1kg, 5kg & 10kg 

The Link is a fishmeal based boilie which was created due to the demand from anglers, Kev Knight tells Carpfeed. The Cell has been performing incredibly well but anglers are still desiring a different type of boilie. The Link is deep red in colour with a real meaty fragrance and has helped Darrell Peck land his new PB of 74lbs!

As the boilie is fishmeal based you could be fooled into thinking The Link is a better bait for the summer with the higher oil content, but due to the high-quality ingredients this bait can be used all year round and is a great boilie to try this winter. Carp do feed less in the winter which is due to the colder temperatures making the fish more lethargic, however, they do still need to feed and it is imperative you use the highest quality of baits during the colder months with Mainline being my first choice.

Even better than The Cell? Dare we even ask that question!

Mainline also offers further boilies in their frozen range; Hybrid, New Grange and Activ-8 all of which contain the 'active' ingredients to lure the shyest carp. Check them out and see how effective they can be.

Mainline's Other Products 

Mainline has a wide range of other products including:

  • Hookbaits
  • Liquids
  • Pellets
  • Particles
  • Groundbaits

Check out the full range at -


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