Top 25 Hilarious Fishing Jokes You Must Read

07 Dec 18



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As angler's, we all like to tell a few tales of how that big fish got away or perhaps exaggerate what really happened on that fishing trip! But are we any good at telling fishing jokes, well here are 25 of the most hilarious, or should that be terrible fishing jokes! Enjoy

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Ian: How many fishermen does it take to change a lightbulb?

Peter: One, but you should have seen the size of the thing, it was THIS BIG

Submitted by Randy S

Kev: What is the difference between a fish and a piano?

Rob: You can't tuna fish!

Submitted by Paul D

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day

Teach a man to fish and he will drink beer and sit around a lake all day

Submitted by Ben D

Bob: Why is it easy to weigh fish?

Deb: Because they have built-in scales!

Submitted by Billy S

Bobby: What did the fishing maths teacher have for lunch?

Rob: Fish pi

Submitted by Will F

Fishing Rules:

1 - Bait your own hook

2 - Land your own fish

3 - Tell your own lies

Submitted by Ali R

John: Where do fish keep their money?

Bob: A river bank!

Submitted by Paul P

Gary: Why was the fisherman bad at boxing?

Andy: He only threw hooks

Submitted by Ray D

Two fish in a tank, one turns to the other and says

Do you know how to drive this thing?

Submitted by Pete S

John: Did you hear about that new fishing film?

Bob: It's got a great cast!

Submitted by Chris R

Ian: I just swallowed a fish bone!

Jack: You must be choking?

Ian: Without a trout.

Submitted by Ken S

Sandra: Why did Batman stop going fishing with Robin?

Rob: He kept eating all of the worms

Submitted by Harry W

John: Why did the sardine get a job at a factory?

Bill: Because of his can-do attitude

Submitted by Peter L

Lee: Why did the lad go fishing?

Rob: To find a gillfriend

Submitted by Dave M

Jonny: Two birds sitting on a perch

Rob: One said to the other, "do you smell fish?"

Submitted by Anthony D

Andrew: What do you call girl who goes fishing?

Tom: Annette

Submitted by Ben S

Steve: Did you hear about the police being called to the fish restaurant?

Oli: Yeah, two fish got battered

Submitted by Ian J

Kevin: What do you call a sith lord who likes to fish?

Aaron: Darth Wader

Submitted by Danny W

Have you seen our new fishing website?

It went on line yesterday

Submitted by Ben P

Rob: I caught a 20lb carp last weekend

Ben: Were there any witnesses?

Rob: Yeah, If there hadn't been, it would have been 40lbs

Submitted by Scott D

Bev: Why are fish so gullible?

Ben: They fall hook, line and sinker

Submitted by Gary D

Marc: Why are fish no good at tennis?

Ben: They don't like yo get too close to the net!

Submitted by Emma B

Zach: What kind of money do anglers make?

Reg: Net profit

Submitted by Dom

Fred: A pet shop had a fishing contest

Bill: No perches necessary!

Submitted by Harry E


That boring thing between fishing trips!

Submitted by Fred A

There you have it, we did warn you about these terrible or should I say hilarious jokes! We hope you enjoyed them, even though they are a little bit silly.

If you can top these amazing fishing jokes, get in touch and we will add you to our fine selection! 

It's your turn!

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