Is second hand carp fishing tackle any good

I always tend to buy brand new and very expensive carp fishing gear. Recently, I have been thinking about looking at second hand carp fishing tackle but have no experience with this. Is it worth the risk? Is second hand carp fishing tackle good value for money?


Asked by bencarper, 16 Sep 19
1 Answer

A complex and general question, but yes second hand is fine

Most fishing tackle, as long as its not budget cheap as dirt ranges, is very good robust quality.

Go for successful sellers on ebay, professional second hand dealers with good reputations, or just carefully pick your way round free ads - you will find that on the whole carp anglers are a good bunch - another thing to avoid is people who don't write good item descritions.. people who make an effort with them is usually a good sign

Posted by Zyvis 26 Nov 20