How does the weather affect carp fishing

I see on various carp fishing tv shows and online videos that many anglers really pay a lot of attention to the wind direction and the general state of the weather. How much does the weather really affect the fishing and are there any simple rules to follow. I don't get out on the bank as much as I would like, so need some basic guidlines to follow. 

Thanks for your help.

Asked by alwaysfishing, 01 Aug 18
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The weather can play a significant part in your carp fishing success or failure. Many anglers have experienced this and witnessed first-hand how the weather can alter the behaviour of the carp you are trying to catch. An example being, on a hot humid day the carp are on the surface patrolling almost taunting the anglers.

There are a number of factors that can affect the fishing. Some of these are:


Wind direction and speed

Air Pressure

Patterns of weather

Significant change in weather


Air Pressure

The air pressure will ultimately determine how much oxygen is present in the water. When oxygen levels are low the carp are going to be inactive and can be harder to catch. 

When the pressure is lower, the reverse takes place and the carp will be full of energy and hopefully take your hook bait! Often this lower pressure will bring rain and overcast conditions, which as many carp anglers know are ideal for catching carp.



The air temperature will, overtime, affect the water temperature. This will not be an overnight change and so it is worth considering the previous days temperatures in order to guage the current water temperatures.

Carp like to be warm and will seek out the warmer layers of water, this is especially true in the colder months. These colder months will slow the carp and they will seek out the warmest areas of the water, which is often while carp anglers will fish where they see activity of carp. Which when you think about it, is kind of obvious! On very warm days the carp will be on the surface, basking in the sun. Days like this will require an adjustment in your tactics and probably zigs or surface fishing is the route to take.


Wind direction

We have all seen the old wives tale in some form, something like:


When the wind is from the west, the fish they bite the best,

When the wind is from the east, the fish they bite the least,

When the wind be from the south, the bait just goes in their mouth!


It pretty much speaks for itself and is a simple enough guide. Of course this is just advice and should not decide whether to go fishing or not! Many anglers will fish into the wind, a possible theory being the food will be forced into this direction bringing the carp along right towards your hook bait.


Patterns of weather

As previously mentioned, long patterns of consistent weather will have an affect on the water, this could be raising the temperature. This is something to monitor and should allow you to put into practice some of the advice and points highlighted above.


Significant change in weather

Again, this is pretty obvious when you think about it! Lets say we have had a cold period causing the carp to be very lazy and lethargic, then all of a sudden the tempearture increases and the air pressure is good, the carp could go on a feeding frenzy. This is something to think about as a significant change could also have adverse affects on the fishing.

Hope this provides some useful information.


Posted by craftycarp 04 Aug 18