Is it possible to target only big carp

This may be a really stupid question but wanted to know how and if it is even possible to target the larger carp. Obviously I can use large boilies but would love to know if there is any other advice you can provide. I have read that larger carp do tend to keep back and let the smaller fish feed, based on this how can I get those crafty big carp. Thanks

Asked by craftycarp, 02 Aug 18
1 Answer

Well it's not a stupid question at all, in fact I think it is a very good one! Anyway, I think there are a few things you can do to try and catch the big carp. 

The first thing I would recommend is try to catch as many fish as possible, simple probability you are bound to land a big carp at some point. Second point, which you alluded to is the larger fish do tend to hang around the back and let the smaller fish feed. They will come in an see what is going on and this could be another way to land one, so really try to get the carp feeding. Carp can get through a massive amount of food, especially the big fish so make sure you have enough to keep them occupied. Start with a decent amount of spod mix and see what happens, remember you can always add more but cannot take it out. I also see many anglers who will get the smaller fish feeding and then scatter several boilies around where they are fishing in an attempt to try to lure one of those big carp who as I mentioned are hanging back. Place one of your rods off the main fishing spot and you could bag a big one. Again, as you mentioned larger carp will have large mouths so you could beef up your rig, hook and bait size. This could mean you catch fewer fish but could also get that big un you are after. Perhap try a size 4 or 6 hook with larger or multiple boilies. Speaking about rigs, make sure everything is sitting correctly and as camoflaged as possible. The bigger fish have been around for much longer and will be far more wary and will take more effort to trick. 

At the end of the day, just put the time and effort in and I am sure you will reap the rewards. Hope this helps and that you bag a new PB!

Posted by alwaysfishing 04 Aug 18