How best to approach a new water

I am joining a new syndicate which I am really excited about and am wondering how you would approach a new lake.

Asked by bigjohn, 28 Jul 18
1 Answer

The first obvious thing to do is speak to fellow anglers who know the place. The fact it is a syndicate water probably indicates you know some of the guys who fish it. A local syndicate I used to fish had a couple of 40 lb carp which I knew were regularly caught from a certain swim on a certian bait. How did I find this out, it was a mate of mine who was more than happy to share this with me. In fact he caught the same 40 plus fish twice in a weekend session, believe it or not! 

The second point is to really try and understand the makeup of the lake. Get your marker rod out and find those clear spots to fish on. I would suggest you do this when the lake is quieter as to not upset any other anglers or spook the carp from feeding.

Posted by carperman 04 Aug 18