Ultimate Big Carp Spod Mix Recipe

07 Jun 19



For many carp anglers, fishing over a bed of spod mix is a tried and tested method for catching carp

Once you have a number of carp feeding you can have a fantastic session and land multiple fish and hopefully land a big carp as well. 

This big carp spod mix will attract carp of all shapes and sizes and get them into a feeding frenzy. I tend to find this feeding frenzy attracts the big carp that sit back and observe what is going on. When there are many carp feeding, this grabs the attention of the big carp who move in and will also start to feed.

Once you have the carp feeding you must ensure you keep the big carp spod mix topped up. Big carp are this size for a reason, they eat a lot of food!

One very important point, do not put out too much bait at the start of your session. I see this all too often which is a huge mistake. Put a few spods of bait and see what happens. If you start to get the carp feeding, then add more.

In order for this method to work to its full potential, you need to have a big carp spod mix that is irresistible to any carp.

The big carp spod mix recipe in this article has been used over and over again with excellent results landing multiple carp and is one you must try for yourself.

Hemp Seed Self Prepared

carp spod mix hemp

Ideally, you will prepare your own hemp before the session which will save you a huge amount of money and provide you with an end product you know is of the highest quality. 

Grab a 20kg bag of hemp from your local animal feed shop for around £19.99. Many pre-prepared products charge over £10 for a fraction of this amount so a little bit of extra effort here is totally worth it.

How to prepare hemp

  1. Take a few kilos of hemp, depending on how long your session is.
  2. Soak the hemp overnight in water using a large bait container with a ratio of 5:1 water to hemp. 
  3. The following day, add the mixture to a large cooking pot and bring this to the boil over a stove. 
  4. Continue to cook the mixture for around 10 - 15 minutes. 
  5. After this period drop the temperature and simmer for a further 15 minutes or until the seeds just start to open. 
  6. Finally, allow the mixture to cool and you will be left with perfect fresh hemp ready to create your ultimate spod mix.

Whole and Chopped Boilies

Korda Krusha carp bait

Take your choice of carp boilie and chop up a few handfuls into halves. I also love using the Korda Krusher to grind a further couple of handfuls into a finer crumb and add these into your big carp spod mix, it is such a great tool. By adding this variety of boilie you are ensuring the spod mix contains lots of different shapes and sizes to keep the carp interested.

You can also use this to your advantage and use a half boilie as your hook bait, this will blend in with the others and hopefully fool a big carp.

Check out our list of carp bait companies to get all of your boilies. We have many small bait companies in the list which offer some amazing products.

Tin of sweetcorn for colour

Add a whole tin of sweetcorn to add a touch of colour that will catch the eye of any carp. I also like to top my hook bait with an artificial piece of sweetcorn for that added attraction and to blend in with the spod mix. I have had lots of success with this approach.

Tin of tuna

Carp go nuts for tuna and this cheap bait is a must for any big carp spod mix. I like to add a tin with sunflower oil in the summer to add a nice oil slick in the water for some further attraction. During the winter, I like to use tuna in brine as the carp do not really need the additional nutrients of the oils as their metabolism is much slower.

Salt to bring out the flavour

Just like we add salt to our own food to bring out the flavour, the same rule applies for our spod mix. Add in a few tablespoons to enhance the spod mix.

Liquid Attractor

Mainline liquid attractor

A liquid attractor should always be added to the big carp spod mix. Again, this will add even more flavour to lure over the carp to your swim. Always have a couple of different liquid attractors in your tackle bag.

Mixed Pellets 

I like to add a series of Mainline mixed pellets as long as the venue does not contain too many bream. If you are not careful, you will end up catching bream rather than carp so do your research before you add any pellets. 

By adding different size pellets you are allowing for a varied breakdown time which will only add longevity to your big carp spod mix, which can be perfect while you are waiting to get the carp feeding. Pellets are also naturally very oily and just like the tuna will add a nice slick in the water.

Chilli Powder

We all love a bit of spice right! Well most of us do, and the carp seem to go absolutely crazy for chilli powder.

Many pre-prepared hemp products contain chilli but I find this way of preparation give a better performing end product and save a lot of money. Add a couple of tablespoons to really spice up your big carp spod mix.

Optional Ingredients 

If you plan on fishing with a maggot clip, I would add a few pints to the spod mix. This follows the same approach as adding boilies, matching the hook bait to the free offerings. Nothing will spook a carp more than your hook bait sticking out like a sore thumb.

Tigers nuts and other particles if the venue permits. Many venues ban certain particles for various reasons so do your research beforehand and adjust your big carp spod mix accordingly.


This completes are the ultimate big carp spod mix. The mix is full of flavour, colour, shapes and sizes that will attract any carp patrolling near your swim. 

Remember to start off with a few spod fulls of mix and when the carp begin to feed, gradually add more. Don't fall into the mistake of adding too much bait at the start of your session.

You can also add more but cannot take the bait out again.

When the carp start to feed, the big carp will be close and so stay patient and you should land a big one.

Let us know what you include in your spod mixes by leaving a comment. 

It's your turn!

What do you think? Let us know what you think about the article by leaving a comment

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